Thursday, December 13, 2007

Setting Environment Variables From Make Targets -- part II

I ran into a issue with the way that GNU make acts between cygwin and Solaris. In my previous post I used two instances of the same target, one to export the environment variable and one that executes the test. For example:

TST_CONFIG_MODULE := $(d)/test_config
check_config : export TST_DIR:= \
check_config : $(TST_CONFIG_MODULE)

This is how it is documented in the GNU make manual and how it works under Cygwin. However, this fails on Solaris. The version of make installed on Solaris is only a couple of point releases different than the one on Cygwin so I wouldn't expect this to be an new feature. The immediate solution that I came up with is the same one that I used for the main check target.

check_config : $(TST_CONFIG_MODULE)
@for m in $(TST_CONFIG_MODULE) ; do \
export TST_DIR=`dirname $$m`; \

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